Infographic Assignment

Grade 12 Canadian and World Issues Infographic Assignment

For our Canadian and World Issues class, we explored various global conflicts. Instead of asking students to present about a conflict as we have in the past, we decided to have them create Infographics. We have been using infographics in the classroom throughout each unit and have evaluated students on the content. Infographics are another form of content which has been extremely engaging. Students enjoy reading content and images and recall the information a lot better than other forms such as readings and textbooks. Infographics have incredible amounts of content and make it fun to read because of the interact images. As previous blog posts, we have been moving away from traditional textbooks. Using infographics is an amazing way to offer students up-to-date content.

I’ve added the course assignment to this post as well as sample student work. At the end of this assignment, students were very proud that they understood the global conflict, that they created an infographic and that they contributed to the world wide web. Here is what two students said:

“The infographic assignment was a great experience. It allowed me to be creative since there wasn’t anything done on my topic. It allowed me to use a new technological tool and to my surprise, it was easy! The short video tutorials online helped me to explain how it all works. I really liked the canvas online because it was simple and organized. Although this was my first time making an infographic, it didn’t take as much time as I had thought. The best part was sharing my work online and even with my peers.”
“This was scary! I was first introduced to infographics in this class and it took me a while to understand them. At first I thought it was just a bunch of pictures and key words and phrases. To my surprise, creating this infographic was hard work; not the actual creation of it, but the amount of research I had to do. Infographics actually contain a lot of information and also intelligently uses the images to prove the point. I was nervous at first because I was used to writing a report. This was a great way to understand the conflicts and I got to learn a new tool. I will definitely use this next year to impress my peers and professors!”
Student Sample Work:

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