Mission Statement

Edureach101 started as a place to help teachers with technology integration in the classroom. It has since grown into much more.

Edureach101 operates with the primary goal of helping teachers help students reach their full potential. Part of that means motivating individuals to become lifelong learners – which means that everybody is a student. Therefore, this blog has evolved to acknowledge that education is expansive and implementable in a variety of contexts and forms, not just the classroom.

Aimed at everyone interested in lifelong learning, Edureach101 is a space where education in all forms has room for dialogue. It represents how learning can be presented in different ways. It exposes readers to new ideas in different fields, enforces preexisting pedagogical notions, and promotes 21st century teaching and learning practices. Technology can be a strategic partner in this process.

Edureach101 presents the latest educational technology in different fields, a collection of reviews, lesson plans, suggested applications, and professional development ideas. It celebrates diverse forms of education, innovation, public service, and passion for lifelong learning.

We can all learn from each other.

Edureach101 is the place to start!



Edureach101 is owned and operated by Joseph D’Addario.

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