Hello Summer!

This post is bringing our attention to the exciting changes that are happening. We all have a number of individual changes happening in our lives. For example, I just moved (hence my mini hiatus for our posts), and started teaching at a new school. No matter what our individual changes are, the better weather is... Continue Reading →

Can We Teach How to Learn?

Teaching How to Learn. This anecdotal story is taken from Patrice Bain, a veteran K-12 teacher, author, speaker and consultant. She recently completed 25 years teaching middle school in Columbia, Ill., where she was a finalist for Illinois Teacher of the Year. She is co-author of the forthcoming “Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning,” available... Continue Reading →

19 Tips to Keep On the Go

When it comes to exercise, we think about how to “get” fit. But often, starting out is not the problem. I'm most interested in how this affects our students. Of course, these tips and tricks work for all of us. “The big problem is maintaining it,” says Falko Sniehotta, a professor of behavioural medicine and... Continue Reading →

World Teachers’ Day

As Google aptly puts it this AM:  To all the teachers whose job is never finished, Happy World Teachers’ Day We all have great experiences and some not-so-positive experiences with the teachers of our past. One thing is for sure, teachers spend a great deal of time with our children, help them learn and grow, and... Continue Reading →

LeBron James & Education Reform

LeBron and Education - 2 words we wouldn't usually put in the same category. However, he's been contributing to the education narrative as of late and, most notably, announced he's opening a school. Ohio has been trying to stomach the four-time NBA MVP’s decision to leave his home state to join the Los Angeles Lakers.... Continue Reading →

2018/2019 – Welcome to a New School Year

Hello all! Summer's done and a new school year has arrived. These times often provoke fear, anticipation, foresight, and anxiety. For me - I'm excited. Here's to a new school year!!!   Stay tuned for upcoming posts. There are a few in the works that are pretty interesting. Good luck Edureachers!    

11 Ways to Enhance Social Emotional Learning

Hi All! Sorry for the little hiatus. I've received a number of requests to "up my posting game", ha! My message to those people: I can't say I disagree. Today's topic is the next step in Edtech Evolution. Stay tuned! Social-Emotional-:Learning, or SEL, is the ability to manage emotions, to empathize, and to collaborate with others.... Continue Reading →

Tips & Tricks for Using Google in the Classroom

Here’s a slightly Orwellian way to check whether your students may have plagiarized part of their essays: the Chrome extension Draftback, which plays back the revision history of any Google doc you can edit—down to the keystroke. That was just one of the many extensions, add-ons and hacks for the Google ecosystem shared at a pair... Continue Reading →

Sparking Engagement With Hip-Hop

From Michelle Obama’s rhymed appeal to high schoolers to attend college to Ellen DeGeneres’s recent spotlight on second-grade teacher Michael Bonner’s transformative use of rap in the classroom, the use of hip-hop in education seems to growing. But using hip-hop as a tool for teaching and learning is not new. Hip-hop based education (HHBE) research started near the end... Continue Reading →

Google, Microsoft or Apple Classrooms?

It’s terribly confusing, but perhaps no coincidence, that three of the world’s most prominent consumer technology companies—Apple, Google, Microsoft—each boast a “Classroom” tool aimed at K-12 educators and students. After all, what better way to secure a foothold in the market than impressing one’s brand to future consumers at a young age? Even more confounding... Continue Reading →

Coding: The New Literacy

I’ve always been a fan of a good startup. About a year ago, I supported the Spinn Coffee startup, investing in their product and getting priority shipment (although I'm still waiting for it, ha!). While I'm not necessarily anti big corporations, I feel that a lot of individual thought and progressive attitudes can be easily... Continue Reading →

7 Characteristics of Effective Education Leaders

Who in the last twenty years in the world of successful business leaders has truly embodied the idea of leadership better than Steve Jobs? In Walter Isaacson’s article, The Real Lessons of Steve Jobs published in the Harvard Business Review, April 2012, Jobs relates the ten principles of leadership: Simplify Control the Experience Innovate Ignore Reality Have... Continue Reading →

Challenging Our Students

What do you do when standing in front of a room full of students who have suddenly surpassed your knowledge level as a teacher with 45 minutes of class time left? As teachers, we are not just disseminators of knowledge. We are leaders and facilitators of strategy. This is a normal situation many teachers face.... Continue Reading →

Should Students Take Electronic Notes?

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for instructors to include notes regarding laptop and internet use in their course syllabi. Many instructors ban the use of electronics, including laptops, due to the assumption that these machines may be more distracting than helpful during class time. However, students often argue that they can take better notes on their... Continue Reading →

Characteristics of a 21st Century Teacher

Recent technological advances have affected many areas of our lives: the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, and, of course, teach. Along with that, those advances necessitated an expansion of our vocabulary, producing definitions such as digital natives, digital immigrants, and, the topic of this post -- "21st Century Teacher." One of the things I have... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning using AI

"Built and designed by teachers, for teachers." Stan Litow, President Emeritus of the IBM Foundation IBM's Watson, everyone’s favourite supercomputer, is taking on a new challenge - education! Over 1000 educators  contributed to the project, 1000s of hand-selected lesson plans and activities were categorized and rendered, and the use of the artificial intelligence interpretation. All... Continue Reading →

Inspiring the Future – 21st Century Teaching

Most of us remember the traditional teacher-centered classrooms. The students were situated in nice, neat rows, not allowed to talk to each other. The teacher, the source of authority, downloads information to the students and is the sole disseminator of their knowledge. The information is then regurgitated back on an evaluative test designed to measure... Continue Reading →

5 Kinds of Understanding

There exist five kinds of understanding (or cognitive tools) that individuals usually master in a particular order during the course of their development; these have important educational implications. This post focuses on Kieran Egan's perspective on the 5 tools of understanding. Egan is a Professor at Simon Fraser University and proposed his theory of cognitive... Continue Reading →

Medical Apps for Patients and for Teaching

Guest Blogger: Dr. Stephen Chow, M.D. University of Mississippi Medical Center Division of Gastroenterology "Our patients are craving these new, innovative ways to manage their wellbeing." As medical apps change the way patients view their health and wellbeing, physicians must adapt and pivot with this consideration in mind. Patients and consumers are using fitness measurable... Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of Medical Apps

Guest Blogger: Dr. Stephen Chow, M.D. University of Mississippi Medical Center Division of Gastroenterology "Physicians and patients are approaching healthcare differently due to the rise and popularization of medical apps" More and more I’m seeing that the way physicians and patients are approaching healthcare is evolving due to the rise and popularization of medical apps. There... Continue Reading →

Medical Apps: To be Trusted?

Guest Blogger: Dr. Stephen Chow, M.D. University of Mississippi Medical Center Division of Gastroenterology "False assurances and false panics add to patient anxiety and jeopardized patient well-being." 3:00 AM approaches, and I’m paged for a new admission with hypertensive urgency (very high blood pressure). In taking the patient's history, we had a great conversation about... Continue Reading →

Social Media in the Classroom

Imagine a world where resources were limited to what was found in the classroom or the school closet known as the "Curriculum Materials Room." Picture a world where students wrote letters with pen and paper to communicate with other students and adults outside of the building. Due to postage costs, the teacher either sent the... Continue Reading →

Infographic Assignment

Grade 12 Canadian and World Issues Infographic Assignment For our Canadian and World Issues class, we explored various global conflicts. Instead of asking students to present about a conflict as we have in the past, we decided to have them create Infographics. We have been using infographics in the classroom throughout each unit and have... Continue Reading →

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