I believe in an education system where teachers are enthusiastic and motivated and where students are eager and engaged.

Joseph D'Addario
Joseph D’Addario

Idealistic? For sure. Unattainable? Well that’s where this blog comes in handy – it acts as a hub of valuable education resources for teachers and anyone interested in helping others learn. I found there was a need for more online resources devoted to reviews, practices, and applications to motivate lifelong learners. Edureach101 attempts to fill that gap.

I have an honours B.A. from University of Toronto (history and urban planning), B.Ed, and a M.A. from York University. Starting in the financial industry working at a bank, I quickly found that my favorite parts was teaching clients about their products and services. I then went on a humanitarian mission to teach and build a school in Maasai Mara, Kenya, and that cemented my new aspiration. The impact I had on the community was grossly rewarding, and I then decided to enter the world of education. I made many friends and learned valuable lessons in the financial industry, but found a higher sense of satisfaction helping students become lifelong learners.

Teaching in the Toronto Catholic District School Board allows me to foster my passion to motivate students to love learning. I use my skills learned from different industries to inform my teaching practice to create an inclusive and productive student environment. Rich learning experiences can occur in any context, and everyday I have the opportunity to make that happen.