8 Key Factors of School Effectiveness

A recent study by EQAO confirms 8 key factors that can provide a foundation to guide principals in their school-improvement efforts. It was taken from over 25 years.
Joseph D'Addario
1. Strong and Effective Principal Leadership
Puts children first by placing a strong belief in capabilities of students and teachers. Leaders are highly visible, actively supervising instruction, protecting instructional time and supportive work environment. They also monitor staff performance and promote professional development in their schools.
2. Sustained focus on instruction and learning
Focus on academics, mainly literacy and numeracy.
3. Safe and positive school climate and culture
Shared goals, safety, and positive school climate. 
4. High expectations for all students and staff
Student achievement first and constant discussions with parents.
5. Effective use of student achievement data
Monitoring student progress and promoting differentiated instruction.
6. Teaching Practice
Differentiated instruction and collaboration.
7. Productive parent involvement
Creating and maintaining open door policy
8. Building staff skills
High quality staf that engage in professional learning communities.

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