Transitioning to University

Elated. Proud. Confused.

The general sentiment felt by many students in grades 11 and 12. Elated that summer’s here. Warm weather anyone? Proud that they’ve completed high school. Acceptance letter in hand, the world is their oyster. Confused. How does this whole university thing work?

Let’s put our students a step ahead of the pack by guiding and promoting early success in university. The university and college websites can be confusing, which is where this guide comes in, giving tips to transition to post-secondary.

Guide to Transitioning to University

Following these 10 tips will ensure our students are learning to their best potential. All of the tips in this guide will have to be done at one point or another, but i’ve always been a fan of completing them earlier. Having them completed earlier promotes an environment where learning is the top priority, not administrative duties.

Let’s be guides to our students through the confusion.

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