Hello Summer!

This post is bringing our attention to the exciting changes that are happening. We all have a number of individual changes happening in our lives. For example, I just moved (hence my mini hiatus for our posts), and started teaching at a new school. No matter what our individual changes are, the better weather is welcoming to say the least. It’s Mother nature’s way of reminding us that life is…well…pretty awesome.

It seems that as time passes, things tend to get more hectic. Our lives get in the way and we want to get everything done. Our to-do lists keep growing and we try our best to tackle it all. We are busy people. Despite our business, it’s important to take time to smell the roses (literally and figuratively). The onset of summer acts as the perfect reminder for us to renegotiate the way we spend our time and what our priorities are. Taking time to acknowledge and admire the beauties in life allow us to decompress and maintain our generally positive dispositions. When we find ourselves becoming overwhelmed or increasingly flirting with the negative in our lives, taking the time to admire the beauty around us in a purposeful way can help bring us back to the positive.

But what does this have to do with teaching? It’s important for us to remain in our positive dispositions, not only for ourselves, but because of how it affects those around us. Our power to influence those around us with simple positivities is profound, and that extends even moreso to our students. As the summer months approach, engaging our students in fun activities can help them be just as positive as we are. Summer themed activities for our students help them have some fun and act as an introduction to everything summer.

Kids will love hunting for summer words in this word search. Word searches are a great tool for reinforcing spelling and word recognition skills. They are also a fun way to build vocabulary. Education.com has loads of resources that will keep kids engaged and entertained during summer travels while also keeping their reading and language arts skills sharp. 

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